We strive to do right by each and every one of our customers. To that end we have provided this page to outline our basic terms of service and policies. Some of what you see on this page is also included in our pricing documents or elsewhere. Sending your garments to 1 Less Chore for cleaning signifies your complete understanding and acceptance of our complete policies detailed below.

For your protection we BARCODE your garments:

Effective 2017 we will begin the process of heat sealing barcodes on all customer garments. These will be placed in unobtrusive areas for the purpose of garment identification, inventory control. This process is common in the industry and does not impact wearbility of any known garments. You do have a one-time option to opt-out of this process by sending an email to support@1lesschore.com. Please note that any claim for a lost garment and or garments will be refused should you opt out of this free and valuable service.


  • Minimum delivery for every dry cleaning and dress shirt order for residential customers is $10.00 (With the exception of Men’s dress shirts unless accompanied by dry cleaning. See below*) Minimum delivery for Corporate customers is $5.00 We are a full service dry cleaning operation with 100% Free Pick-up and Delivery

    * 4 shirts or lessor will be charged a flat fee of $10 unless a minimum of enough dry cleaning is included with the order. We do not accept a single shirt order for delivery without dry cleaning included under any circumstance. French cuffs add $.15 each. Men’s dress shirts under sizes 15 and 18.5 and over require hand pressing at $3.99 each. Pleated tuxedo shirts are dry cleaned and hand pressed for optimum results at $7.95 each.  Shirts that are buttoned will incur a .15 cent charge per shirt for the extra labor involved.

  • Under no circumstance will we be responsible for odd shaped and extra thick buttons which we cannot replace should those buttons break in the process of laundering. We strongly recommend dry cleaning and hand pressing for those shirts as described. Unless we are notified our normal policy is to automatically dry clean and hand press shirts as described above. In addtion, the same procedure applies to Linen shirts and with with front pockets and or epaulets.

  • We Kindly ask that all shirts are unbuttoned prior to sending them in for cleaning. Although we gladly unbutton your shirts, we cannot be held responsible should someone in our plant miss a button causing damage to your shirt during the cleaning and pressing process. You are responsible for the removal of all collar stays and emtying your shirt pockets. All shirts that are buttoned when received will incur a .15 cent labor charge per shirt.
  • Certain fabrics, colors, styles etc, require an additional charge due to a higher level of process required. Some examples are silks, linen, lined, pleats, beads, sequins, cashmere, whites, couture (high-cost), down, size, weight, fancy garments, etc. This list is for example purpose only and is not comprehensive. We cannot be responsible for belts, metal pieces, tassles, beads, sequins, all decorations, zippers (especially plastic,) elastic and poor manufacturing techniques.
  • Effective 2017 we will begin the process of heat sealing barcodes on all customer garments. These will be placed in unobtrusive areas for the purpose of garment identification, inventory control. This process is common in the industry and does not impact wearability of any known garments. You do have a one-time option to opt-out of this process by sending an email to support@1lesschore.com. Please note that any claim for a lost garment and or garments will be refused should you opt out of this free and valuable service.
  • Minimum delivery order for Wash and Fold is 10 pounds. If your order is less than 10 pounds you will charged for the minimum of 10 pounds regardless of the weight.


The following section addresses damaged and or lost garments.

Although rare, damages or loss can occur to any garment(s). 1-Less Chore resolves all damage or loss claims using the IFI (International fair claims guide) as seen below. This is the only fair way to resolve any problem should one occur. In additon, you must present the original purchase receipt(s) for any garment(s) that you claim have been damaged or lost, as well as the original dry cleaning tag attached to your order.

Credit card receipts or internet websites that show the current retail prices are unacceptable documentation for determining what you as a consumer actually paid for the garment. Those are not accepted as valid purchase receipts and do not address the real cost of a garment in question. You must return the garment (damage) to us for thorough inspection and should a decision be made that the claim is valid the garment then becomes our property once a settlement has been made.

You have seven (7) days to make any claims in writing from the date of delivery with NO exceptions. All claims are to be made in writing directly to management of the company 1LC Acquisitions  DBA, 1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts and More. Text messages and or emails are not considered in writing, however a letter postmarked within the seven (7) day time period of your delivery is considered as proper notification. Delivery is determind by your schedule excluding holidays. Effective 2017, please see our ORDERS section on any claims where barcoding has been opted-out.

Lost or Missing Garments: 

It is your responsibility as a consumer to check every order for accuracy. If 1-Less Chore delivers a partial order for whatever reason we will attach a “missing garment tag to your packaging.”As a company we spend considerable time confirming outgoing orders contain all the garments noted on your invoice.

As hard as we try there is a possibility that a garment(s) comes up missing and or lost. The company; 1LC Acquisitions DBA, 1-Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts and More will make considerable effort to locate your garment(s) through various processes. As a company we require 30 days from the date of your written notification to locate your garment(s) before consideration of any reimbursement is discussed. Reimbursement or credit to your account is based on your original cost as determined by a valid copy of your original sales receipt as well as the IFI fair claims guide below. 1-Less Chore will not accept any other form of proof of purchase since the actual cost of your garment cannot be determined. In todays retail environment including outlet stores, sales, internet and in-house sales an actual sales price is virtually impossible to be accurately determined. In any event whereas an actual receipt is not available we will make a best effort to find the retail price with you being “credited only” on your account at a maximum of 50% of the original value up to a maximum of $50/item and $200/occurrence. There are no exceptions to this policy. See Below:

1LC Acquisitions, DBA (“1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More”) shall not be held liable for loss of items found in the pockets of garments sent for cleaning. 1LC Acquisitions DBA “1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More” shall have the right to refuse to clean any garment for any reason, but shall refund any fees charged for the cleaning of that garment. In the event that Customer’s garment or garments are damaged or lost 1LC Acquisitions, DBA  “1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More” shall not be required to pay more than the following rates to reimburse or credit Customer for any garment(s) loss or damage:

  • $50/occurrence per order and $200/per occurrence

Before 1LC Acquisitions, DBA, “1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More” is required to pay Customer for loss or damage to garment(s), Customer must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the damage or loss was caused by 1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More”, that “1 Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More” was hired to clean the garment(s), and that the damage or loss was not preexisting. If necessary we will send out any garment(s) to a non-biased lab specializing in these matters to determine what caused any supposed damage.


Responsibility for certain items

We cannot accept responsibility for: silks, decorations, beads, sequins, buckles, buttons, belts, household rugs, certain household items containing latex and or rubber backing and anything elastic as manufacturing techniques and quality differ from company-to-company. Under no circumstance are we responsible for socks, undergarments, etc. All garments by law are required to have a care tag, however most garments don’t address decorations which are added later in the manufacturing process.

We do not clean leather, suede or fur on-site, but rather send it out to a specialized professional cleaning plant.  The process of cleaning leather, suede or fur is longer and more expensive than normal cleaning and can cause damage to your garment, even when done by a professional. Because of this risk, we do not assume any responsibility of your leather, suede or fur garment

Limit of our responsibilty

Our responsibility ends upon delivery of garments (items). Missing garment(s) or damaged garments, we must be notified within 7 days of delivery. The 7 day window is firm as it your (customer) responsibility to check all deliveries and garments upon receipt. All claims will be evaluated based on industry standards and will be settled via credit to your account only. We try diligently to inspect all garments and items upon receipt with the exception of wash and fold laundry which is completely unsanitary for damage and make note of same on your invoice. Therefore no claims will be accepted for those articles. We accept no responsibility for wash and fold laundry claims of shrinkage, damage, etc. Although every precaution is taken to ensure a successful outcome, no claims of any kind will be paid on laundered garments/items – that responsibility remains your own. If you notice a pre-spot tag on your garments it means we found stains upon receipt and will make a best effort to remove them. Please do not claim that we added a stain as we are fully aware that the article was stained prior to receipt. Please let us know via note in your bag of any known damage or stain prior to pick-up.


Terms of Coupon Offers

*The $20 coupon is not valid for a single or one-time use customer. The purpose of this coupon is to expand our ongoing customer base by offering an incentive to do a minimum of $25 of cleaning services monthly with 1-Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More. Use of this coupon implies that you intend to do business with 1-Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More for a minimum of 90 Days while assessing the service. Furthermore, you agree by use of the coupon that you fully understand and accept these terms and that you will be billed for the $20 should you cancel service within the first 90 days or not meet our minimum qualifications for our service. You must present the physical coupon with your first order.

*Black VIP Cards    *Geographic restrictions apply, you must be located in our current service area. EXPIRED AS OF 1/1/17

  • Two visits maximum must use the entire value
  • One card per family
  • One card per address
  • Expires January 1, 2017
  • Can only be used for dry cleaning.
  • Can never be combined with any other coupon offer with the exception of sale offerings 90 days after card expires.

*We reserve the right to change policies without prior notice*