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Welcome to 1-Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More…Winner of the prestigious ANGIE’S List Super Service Award in 2011 and 2013 and the 2014 Best of Philly Suburban Dry Cleaning Delivery Service.

Congratulations on joining a list of thousands of extremely satisfied customers. We’re here to make your life easier; just sit back, relax and think of us as your own personal valet. We provide everything necessary to get started, including garment bag(s) and heavy duty door hangers when needed. Your personalized garment bag(s) and ID tag identify that the contents inside your bag belong to you! Your personalized garment bag(s) will be returned to you with your first delivery or upon signing up for our service.

Please make certain you visit our selections page so we can take care of your garments the way you like them:

Customized Selections

Payment: We have a $10 minimum order and accept all major credit cards. Please call our team at 484.320.7645 after 1PM, Mon- Fri immediately upon your first pick-up to provide your payment information.  There is a one-time setup fee of $10.

Based on your provided schedule we will remind you of your service day(s) via text message. It is imperative for you to reply no later than 5pm on the day(s) of receipt. If we send our van to your location because you didn’t opt-in or opt-out by 5pm you will incur a service charge of $10. If you are going away we will gladly hold your order until your return, just let us know. 

No need to wait if you haven’t gotten a garment bag yet. Please use any bag you have including a common trash bag. (first order only) Be certain to include your name address and phone number inside. If you live in multi-unit housing remember to either drop your bag off at the designated location or outside your front door. Remember to attach a note stating for 1 Less Chore Dry CLeaning to the outside of the bag (first time only)

We pick-up and deliver Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We will notify you of your schedule via email. In case of holidays or bad weather we will post on our homepage at Generally we offer pickup and delivery to single family residences following a once per week schedule for both pick-up and delivery. There are exceptions, so please let us know your needs.

We are a full service dry cleaning operation with 100% FREE Pick-up and Delivery 

We also provide leather and suede cleaning. As is common in the industry all of the leather, suede and shoe repair work is performed by a specialty cleaning plant or in the case of shoes a high-quality cobbler. Costs for leather and suede are substantially higher than dry cleaning. We add a small $5.00 service fee to all shoe repairs (per pair) for the convenience of the service. Under no circumstances do we do estimates for shoe repair because of our increased expense of this particular service. The published prices for leather, suede and shoe repair may not be accurate as these specialty items are subject to change without prior notice. We cannpt be responsible for the end result of leather, suede and shoes.

Our quality service is guaranteed; if by some chance an item is not cleaned to your utmost satisfaction, we will redo it. If you are aware of any stains or repairs needed before pick-up, place a letter size note inside your personalized garment bag.

Effective 2017 we will begin the process of heat sealing barcodes on all customer garments. These will be placed in unobtrusive areas for the purpose of garment identification, inventory control. This process is common in the industry and does not impact wearbility of any known garments. You do have a one-time option to opt-out of this process by sending an email to Please note that any claim for a lost garment and or garments will be refused should you opt out of this free and valuable service. 

Please keep in mind that not all stains can be removed, no matter what chemical process is applied. Fabric type, stain type and the duration of the stain may impact the success of removal. If possible, letting us know the cause of the stain, may assist in promoting its elimination. On occasion a shirt button will crack in the process; we will be more than happy to make the repair for free. Unless otherwise instructed, any detected repairs are automatically completed up to a maximum charge of $15.00.