No missing button guarantee

A first for the industry - Lose a button and the shirt is FREE. Plus cracked and chipped buttons are always replaced FREE OF CHARGE.

Our other services include:

  • Shoe Repair
  • Alterations/Repairs
  • Comforters, Table Cloths & More
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Wash, Dry, & Fold Laundry
  • Men's Dress Shirts
  • Leather & Suede

Are you really still doing laundry?

We'll pick it up from here.

Laundry illustration

Wash, Dry, & Fold Laundry

Too busy to do laundry, kids driving your crazy?
Work demands too heavy? Stuff piling up?

Let 1-Less Chore Dry Cleaning, Shirts & More provide a way out of the drudgery of laundry

We are pleased to provide WASH, DRY AND FOLD Laundry services picked up and delivered right to your door. Our Expert launderers are on standby waiting to clean your clothes for you! we will provide everything needed except your dirty garments. Just like your dry cleaning, just leave your Laundry bag outside your door and voil√† we’ll pick it up and return it based on your current delivery schedule.

How it works

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